Tobi Agbaje is a poet and writer. She has been published in Forward poetry's Love Is In The Air Volume II anthology and has written for publications such as Yahoo and West African Careers.

Five Reasons to Use a Podcast in B2B + Quick Tips On Getting Started

The podcasting landscape continues to grow extensively as a staple form of entertainment for people around the world. According to Neal Schaffer, in 2021 alone there were 850k active podcasts with over 30 million total episodes. That’s quite the number and it keeps on rising. Podcasts, similar to other aspects of content marketing, should spark engagement, generate strong conversations with target audiences and stimulate thought leadership. There is a lot of scope in the B2B space for business

Sony Pictures Partners with EbonyLife to Produce TV Series, as Interest in the African Narrative Grows

Africa has often been portrayed through negative perceptions for some time but an increase in interest in African storytelling has helped to challenge such representations, encouraging people to view Africa in a different light. Africa’s first Global entertainment network, EbonyLife and Sony Pictures Television are collaborating to produce a television series about the 19th century Dahomey Warriors (an all-female West African military group), also known as the Dahomey Amazons. EbonyLife launch

Hold onto your seats with Devious Maids

I have been catching up with what is happening in Devious Maids. I really do love drama, well on screen. I have not completely caught up just yet. I practically just wrapped up with Season 4 Episode 6. What is going on? There’s a cult called The Circle and Genevieve’s hairdresser is a member. The word cult sounds prohibited. Spooky. All I know is that this does not look like it is going to end well for Zoila and Kyle once she finds out his secret. Marisol never seizes to amaze me with the wa

Nigerian Hybrid Car Enthusiast Adebola Odenike Seeks to Tackle Congestion and Pollution

Nigerian Hybrid car enthusiast Adebola Odenike wants to tackle congestion and pollution in Nigeria to provide clean energy. Lagos, in 2016, was named as one of the cities in Nigeria with the worst PM10 levels due to severe pollution and recurring loud gridlock traffic. The majority of cars in Lagos are either run by petrol or diesel but such vehicles discharge toxic gases and lead to global warming. Public Health Specialist, Ayodeji Odunsi says that: ‘Most of those fumes you see coming out of

Why lens replacement surgery is something you may consider

If you are not sure about lens replacement surgery, then you have come to the right place. Lens replacement surgery is also known as refractive lens exchange (RLE) or natural lens replacement (NLR). RLE is typically used in patients who are presbyopic (lost the ability to read without reading glasses due to the ageing of their natural crystalline lens. The aim of this treatment is to help improve your vision and to reduce reliance on glasses and contact lenses. What does the procedure involve?

A Guide to Cataract Surgery

Unsure about what exactly a cataract is? A Cataract is the natural crystalline lens inside your eye becoming cloudy. Contrary to common beliefs cataract is not a skin growing across the eye. The commonest form occurs from ageing however cataracts can occur from birth (congenital). They also can at an earlier age from trauma, or from a variety of medical conditions such as diabetes or prolonged steroid use. Cataract Surgery: How is it treated? The treatment of cataracts is cataract surgery wh

Laser Eye Surgery: Read some reasons why you should consider Mr Hove

If you are thinking about considering laser surgery then it’s important to know how it works. Laser eye surgery involves using lasers to reshape the front surface (cornea) of your eyes so that you can focus better. It can help to correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. Generally, it is an option for those over the age of 18 and although for older people (over 40) lens replacement surgery might be more suitable. With Mr Hove you should expect the procedure to be relatively p

Relaxed Rules: Dressing for work in 2018

Relaxed styling is becoming the new trend with many more employees feeling more productive and happier to wear a dressed down look. So, do less set-in-stone rules give you more freedom? Or leave you simply confused? A study conducted by Stormline revealed that 61% of employees are ‘for’ a relaxed dress code at work. Expressing yourself through your wardrobe gives you a sense of personal freedom and responsibility. Dressing for work - a place where some often spend a majority of their time – ofte

Working Out Of Office 101

Some days we wake up, and really wish we didn’t have to go into the office. Other days, we’re eager for the hustle and bustle of an unfamiliar space. If you have to travel for business, work gets done in the airport lounge, on the plane, and in your hotel room. Some us like being ‘out of office’, others find it a disruptive necessity. At Knomo, we know it’s the future – here’s our guide to working out of office. “Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world,